Friends of Taplio

Hi and welcome to the Taplio affiliate program!

We're glad to see you here! By joining the program and having people discover Taplio, you'll be owed 30% of all the payments made by customers you referred for 12 months!

Before you get started, just a couple things you should know:
- We do all payouts on the 1st of every month (or the next couple of days if the 1st lands during the weekend)
- To be included in that payout, you need to have $50 in due commissions
- A commission is due 30 days after the payment happened (to account for our generous refund policy)
- It's forbidden to run paid ads or sponsorships for Taplio. That includes any type of paid ad, with any kind of targeting. If you do want to run paid ads, please reach out to us to get our approval. Running paid ads will immediately lead to the suspension of your account and deletion of all commissions and sales associated with it. It is also forbidden to present users with either fake or real promotions (discount codes, promo codes, etc.) without our prior approval.
- Should you be generating a suspicious number of sales, we may ask for proof of where/how you are generating them.

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